How To Check The LQI Status Of The Device

How To Check The LQI Status Of The Device

Objective: To determine how good is Thinxtra's 0G signal quality where the device is/will be installed.


General Knowledge: LQI (Link Quality Indicator) is an indication of the quality of the data packets received by the receiver (Base Station). 


Two ways to determine if the devices / Location have a good Thinxtra's 0G Network Coverage.


  1. Through LQI (Link Quality Indicator) on Sigfox backend

  2. Through Thinxtra 0g Network Coverage Tool.



  1. Log in credentials on Sigfox backend

Note: Once log in on Sigfox backend you will see the User Interface as shown below.


Through LQI (Link Quality Indicator) on Sigfox backend

To get started follow the steps by step guide below.

1. You may select the "DEVICE" tab.

2. Search the specific device that you would want to check the LQI (Link Quality Indicator) of.

3. Or you may directly select the Device ID that you would want to check the LQI Indicator of.




4. After clicking the Device ID you will be redirected to the Information of the device wherein you can see the current Link Quality Indicator of the device based on real environment conditions.

5. For further checking you may select the "MESSAGES" tab.



6. After clicking "MESSAGES" you will be redirected into this page wherein you may check the LQI of the device.


Link Quality Indicator Ratings:



Note: To check Thinxtra's 0G Network Coverage of a specific  location. Kindly follow the Thinxtra 0g Network Coverage guide Here:






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