Check your Sigfox Coverage: Thinxtra Coverage Tool

Check your Sigfox Coverage: Thinxtra Coverage Tool

My device stopped communicating!

It is an imperative to check the coverage around the device to give you more insight as to one of the reasons why your device suddenly stops communicating.
In most cases the Thinxtra Coverage Tool could help you evaluate if your device is well covered.

Here are the steps to do that:

2.  Click the search icon on the top left corner of the screen:

3.  Select your device from the list.

4.  Type the address that you want to check for Sigfox Coverage.

5.  And now, click the Check Coverage button.

6.  You will be presented an estimated Sigfox Coverage Analysis to measure 3 scenarios: Outdoors, Indoors, & Deep Indoors. Please see the sample results below:

Note: The information presented is based on theoretical calculations, please consult Thinxtra before committing to any project work based on this information, or if you need further details on coverage

Link Quality Indicator Ratings:

RSSINumber of base stationsLink Quality indicator
-127dBm < RSSI  -114dBm3GOOD
-114dBm < RSSI1 or 2GOOD
-127dBm < RSSI  -114dBm1 or 2AVERAGE
RSSI  -127dBmanyLIMIT
Reference: Link Quality: general knowledge | Sigfox Resources

Does this information help you? Need help in strengthening the coverage for your device? Email us at
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